Organizing Spotlight

On Thursday, June 23rd, member of PUP and ROC Philly took a bus to Harrisburg to attend a Senate Labor & Industry Committee meeting. Legislation that could be used to raise the minimum wage was being considered, and we wanted to make sure that they know we're keeping an eye on them. After 10 years without a vote to raise the minimum wage, the committee voted to report the bill out, which moves the process forward. We've spent 2 years working with over 60 organizations around the state to organize for a fair minimum wage, and all the pressure we've been laying on them is paying off. Check out news coverage and photos from the event:

Phila. Group Heads to Harrisburg To Demand Increase In Minimum Wage

Getting Ready to pull out from Philly. (credit: Mike Dougherty)

Arriving in Harrisburg.

We packed the room.

They sure knew we were there.

Jobs Club Spotlight

Meet Robert (top) & Travis (bottom), who were both recently hired at new jobs by working with PUP staff and volunteers. They're both extremely happy to be back to work. Robert is pictured with Nadina Patterson, a PUP volunteer and board member who has been assisting jobs club members connect to employers.


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