On Thursday, October 1st, The Philadelphia Unemployment Project celebrated 40 years of struggle and service to poor and working people.

This year we honored PUP's Director, John Dodds, and Senator Robert Casey.

It was a wonderful night full of friends, food, and great Carribean jazz.


PUP Director John Dodds presenting Senator Casey with his award.




PUP staff, members, Senator Casey other attendees listening to PUP's history.





Americans in Struggle Film Series 2015

6 PM Tuesday nights
CCP Winnet Student Life Building (17th St, Btw. Spring Garden & Callowhill) Room S2-3
Refreshments from 5:30

Learn about some of the struggles the American people have waged over our history or continue to wage in order to expand our rights and make a more just society.

9/15 The Vernon Johns Story - Film of the life of Rev. Vernon Johns who was pastor of Dexter Ave. Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL, prior to Martin Luther King taking over that job in 1955.

9/29 Harvest of Empir e- Story of US intervention in Latin America and its impact on immigration today.

10/13 Uprising of ‘3 4- Little known general strike of textile workers in the south in 1934.

10/27 Dare Not Walk Alon e- Story of the civil rights struggle in St. Augustine, FL and how things have evolved there into the present.

11/10 Awakenings - Early days of the second-wave women’s liberation movement in the US beginning in the 1960s.

11/24 Dream On- a documentary on the loss of the American dream due to income inequality and the loss of decent paying jobs.



For more information contact the Philadelphia Unemployment Project at 215-557-0822




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