PUP organizes rally as part of Statewide Day of Action for a Fair Minimum Wage 

As part of Raise the Wage PA's recent Statewide Week of Action for a Fair Minimum Wage, PUP organized a rally in Philadelphia to call on our state legislators to take action to raise PA's minimum wage. It has been 10 years since the General Assembly voted on a minimum wage increase. Events were held in 10 communities across the state.
PUP Director John Dodds

Reverend Randy Barge, of the First Presbyterean Church of Olney

PUP also participated in a Wilkes-Barre area event which targeted Senator Lisa Baker. She has been holding minimum wage legislation hostage in her committee since January 2015.

Click here for more photos from the Week of Action


Jobs Club Spotlight

Former Jobs Club member John Lane (left) stopped by recently to talk to current members about how PUP helped him find employment, and to encourage them in their job searches. Here he is with PUP's Jobs Developer, Tim Styer.


PUP member John Calhoun (left) was recently given the Member of the Month award for assisting unemployed workers in our computer lab as they work on their resumes and search for job leads.


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