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Having trouble getting through to unemployment?

One week before Christmas, over 500 state workers were laid off by the Department of Labor & Industry. Since then, unemployed workers trying to get information about their benefits have faced busy signals, as well as days, hours and weeks of waiting to get through on the phone. Advocates for the unemployed have been working to find solutions for claimants who need answers.


Click here to learn some ways you can try to get information about your claim.


Groups such as the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and Philadelphia Legal Assistance have also be collecting information on the problems that claimants are having so that we can push the state to fix the problem. Click here to submit a complaint and help us keep track of peoples' issues.

PUP member Jackie Chapman speaking at a recent rally calling on the state to rehire laid off workers who help claimants with unemployment benefits.

Jobs Club Spotlight

Long time PUP member Derrell (right) has been working hard to find employment, and he just let us know that his persistence has paid off. Working with our jobs developer, he was able to ace his interview and is now working with Sovereign Security at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Congrats Derrell!



Action Day to Raise the Minimum Wage

September 29, 2014 

Action Day to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania

Slides of the rally

We had close to 100 turn out from many organizations in the Philadelphia event. We marched from Fergie's Pub (a ROC identified high road employer) to the Governor's Philadelphia office.

Speakers included a Rev. Randy Barge, Olney Presbyterian Church, State Senate candidate Art Heywood, UFCW's John Meyerson, low wage Burger King worker Jose Torres and Jason McCartney a tipped worker from ROC who worked at as a bar back at a local bar, Nadia Hewka, of Community Legal Services, Nick Alpers of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO, Tim Styer of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Reformation and John Dodds of PUP.

We also had a ballot box for people to vote themselves a raise. The vote was overwhelming for a higher minimum wage in PA. Several TV stations had cameras.

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