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We Need Better Transportation to Suburban Jobs
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  • Unemployment is far lower in the Philadelphia suburbs than the city and jobs generally pay better. Unfortunately public transportation does not go to large number of those jobs.

  • Suburbanites have a great system of commuter trains coming into the city, but the same is not true of city residents trying to reach suburban jobs.

  • 36% of Philadelphians have no cars with up to 50% of people in many inner city neighborhoods doing without their own vehicle.

  • A study by the Brookings Institute found that only 24% of jobs in the Philadelphia region are accessible in less than 90 minutes by SEPTA.

  • SEPTA  was designed for a time when most jobs were in the city, but over the years more and more jobs have moved to the suburbs, leaving inner city people without access to those opportunities unless they have cars.

  • The city pays a tremendous share of the cost for commuter trains to bring suburbanites into center city. Where is the support for city workers to get to the suburbs? 

  • We need a program to provide a car pool for inner city residents to get to suburban jobs, as SEPTA is not in a position to provide buses to large numbers of the jobs spread out throughout the suburbs.

  • The Commuter Options program offers cars to city workers for car pooling to suburban jobs and needs to be expanded to give city residents access to suburban opportunities.

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Commuter Options participants with their car.

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