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Working for Better Transportation Options to the Suburbs

The Philadelphia Unemployment Project has been providing car pools to help inner city workers get to decent paying jobs in the suburbs for over a decade. However, programs like this are few and far between. SEPTA brings thousands of workers into the city every day, but getting to jobs in many parts of the surrounding suburbs by public transportation is extremely difficult.

A study by the Brookings Institute found that only 24% of jobs in the Philadelphia region are accessible in less than 90 minutes by SEPTA. 36% of Philadelphians have no cars with up to 50% of people in many inner city neighborhoods doing without their own vehicle.

That's why we're fighting to increase funding for programs like PUP's Commuter Options. To get involved in the fight for transportation justice, call us at 215-557-0822.

Philly mismatch: Car-less city folks can't fill jobs in 'burbs

Commentary: Jobs in suburbs are inaccessible to city residents who lack transportation opportunities






Helping People Make It In Philadelphia

PUP's Commuter Options program is supplying brand new vehicles to these new hires for good paying jobs at RGIS in Chester County. For more information about getting a vehicle to help you and your crew get back and forth to work in the burbs where SEPTA can't get you to call 215-557-0822 x110.


In a 2013 study the Brookings Institution found that the Philadelphia metropolitan area was fourth worst in the nation for the percentage of jobs found more than ten miles outside of its center city,  making our region one of the most decentralized large metros in the US from an employment perspective.

Family's home saved...a Heart warming story

With the Sheriff already taking her furniture to the truck, PUP was able to halt a foreclosure for Tanesha Walker and her two children. She was being evicted despite an offer from a non-profit to buy her home and resell it to her, which was rejected by her lender, PHFA.

PUP put together a request to Brian Hudson, the Director of PHFA asking that he accept the offer of BCC to buy the house for $85,000 and resell it to Ms Walker. PHFA's current slogan is that "We Help Renters Become Homeowners."

PUP argued that "the value of saving a family with children from being evicted from their home should be calculated when and if PHFA continues to discuss a buy out from BCC. PHFA has a wonderful image in our state and being cognizant of such an issue seems like something that most of us would expect from yourself and the agency."

Hudson was on vacation and then on travel as the day of eviction came and we frantically tried to get the eviction halted. The Sheriff came and was removing the families furniture when we got a call from Mr. Hudson. He agreed to halt the foreclosure and accept the offer from BCC to save the home. The movers then put the furniture back into the home. Ms Walker, was a nervous wreck when PUPs counselor Thurston came by to check on her that morning, but her home was saved.

This is an example of the kind of work PUP has done for years to prevent foreclosures and protect families. We believe that saving their home is of critical importance in maintaining a family's well being as they fight tough times. Even during today's sometimes dismal daily happenings good things occur when people fight back.


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