Commuter Options (PUPCO)

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Who Are We?

The COMMUTER OPTIONS program is operated by the Philadelphia Unemployment Project. Through the use of car pools PUPCO provides affordable transportation to jobs in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Initiated with only one minivan in March 2006, PUPCO has now expanded and hundreds of workers have used our services to date.


Commuter Options (also known as PUPCO) car pools are available to help Philadelphia residents get to good paying jobs in the suburbs that are not accessible by public transportation. The driver picks riders up at their doorsteps or meeting spots & drops them off at their place of employment, & vice versa. The riders share the car pool cost of $24 per day.
PUPCO has partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide vehicles for groups of 4 to 5 commuters to use for car pooling. The program covers all expenses, including fuel
This is a commuter run service. One person in the group serves as the driver, takes responsibility for the car and keeps it all week.


• Transportation that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s determined by the shift you and yo• Provides access to suburban jobs unreachable or difficult to reach by public transportation.
• Saves time commuting to work with the convenience of door to door or near pick-up points.
• Employers can reduce high turn-over due to long and difficult commutes. Increases employee productivity.
• Be Green! Car pooling means fewer cars on the road, reducing congestion and pollution.

Commuter Testimonial…
“Before Commuter Options I’d have to leave my house at 4 a.m. and take 3 different pieces of transportation. By the time I got home I was so tired I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Now getting to work is a dream.”

Karen Robinson, Employee Quest Diagnostics in Trooper, PA

Employer Testimonial…
“The flexibility of the program enables our employees to maximize its benefits. It has significantly lightened the challenges our employees were facing with their commute from Philadelphia to Norristown and has assisted us in achieving our retention goals. This is a win-win-win program for employers, employees and our community.”

Dorothy Morris, Human Resources Generalist at Quest Diagnostics in Norristown

Press Coverage of Commuter Options Program


For questions & inquiries, contact Scott Williams at 215-908-6063, or email

We accommodate commutes of up to 35 miles one way from Philadelphia to surrounding PA counties, South Jersey and Northern Delaware.


“In a large, continuing study of upward mobility based at Harvard, commuting time has emerged as the single strongest factor in the odds of escaping poverty. The longer an average commute in a given county, the worse the chances of low-income families there moving up the ladder.”

Transportation Emerges as Crucial to Escaping Poverty –

“Notably, Chicago and Philadelphia—home to two of the oldest and best-known transit networks nationwide—rank lower on job access via transit than Houston and Los Angeles, both of which are known as auto-dominated metro areas. Yet Houston and Los Angeles actually display lower degrees of “job sprawl” than Chicago and Philadelphia.” Brookings- Missed Opportunity: Transit and Jobs in Metropolitan America

Facts from the Brookings Study- Only 24 % of jobs in the Philadelphia region are accessible in less than 90 minutes on public transportation. Philadelphia is 75th worst of the 100 largest metropolitan areas for accessibility.

Why the poor need better access to cars – The Washington Post

“Pendall and his fellow researchers, though, aren’t simply suggesting that the answer is to give every family a vehicle. Perhaps there are other options to expand car-sharing services to the low-income (as we continue to invest in transit).”

Driving to Opportunity: Understanding the Links among Transportation Access, Residential Outcomes, and Economic Opportunity for Housing Voucher Recipients – Urban Institute

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