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Philadelphia Unemployment Project

PUP is an organization of unemployed and low income workers and supporters joined together to defend the rights of the unemployed and to fight for jobs.

As a member of PUP

You are up to date on new developments in programs and policies that affect the unemployed.

You can get help with housing counseling services, and information on benefit programs, including unemployment compensation and an ability to help make a difference in things that effect your life. 

We need you to join and make your voice heard. Your support and participation will help build strength for laid off and low wage workers.

For more information contact the organizers Ronald Blount 215-557-0822 ext. 127

To join or contribute, click the links below:

$5      I want to be a member for a one year membership.

$10    I want to be a supporting member.

Donate to PUP (one-time donation)

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