New Mortgage Assistance Grant Launches February 1st, 2022

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The PA Homeowners Assistance Fund provides grants to assist homeowners who have fallen behind on property-related expenses due to a COVID-related financial hardship.

Who Can Apply?

If you own and live in a home in Pennsylvania and have fallen behind on your mortgage or other property-related expenses, you may qualify for assistance.

What’s covered?

-Delinquent first mortgages

-Real estate taxes

-Reverse mortgage insurance premiums

-HOA & Condo Association fees

-Delinquent utilities

Up to how much assistance can I receive?

-$30,000 or 24 months for mortgages

-$5000 for taxes (if not part of a mortgage)

-$3000 for insurance premiums (if not part of a mortgage)

-$5000 for HOA/condo fees

-$3000 or 24 months for utilities (if not combined with mortgage assistance)

How do I apply?

Apply at or call the Save Your Home Philly Hotline at 215-334-4663 to get connected to a HUD-certified housing counselor who can assist you.

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