Press and photos from PUP rally to demand a working unemployment system

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The PA unemployment system remains in chaos with thousands not getting their checks. Rally at the Governor’s office to demand answers!

3 CBS Philly – ‘Rent Is Still Due’: Demonstrators In Philadelphia Demanding Pennsylvania Fix Unemployment Benefits System

The Philadelphia Tribune – Unemployed rally to demand owed benefits held in Center City

KYW NEWSRADIO – ‘Answer the phone!’ becomes rallying cry of Pennsylvania’s unemployed

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Pa. is hiring 500 staffers to answer unemployment calls. Activists want that number to double

Over 500 new workers are to be hired, but thousands will still have benefits delayed. The Philadelphia Inquirer –Pennsylvania’s unemployment office is hiring 500 people to answer busy phone lines.


Rep. Joe Hohenstein from Frankford calling for reforms in the system
Renee Wilson, staff for Senator Saval speaking
Ron Blount of Taxi Drivers All Good Funk Alliance
Adrienne Berry of PUP’s Unemployed Organizing Committee

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