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We are starting a new weekly feature to make sure the public is aware of the continuing disaster that the PA unemployment compensation is for working families.

We received this email last week, cced to everyone on the PUP staff:

Good morning everyone,

I apologize for sending this mass email and recognize that you are not directly with unemployment. However, my husband has been tirelessly trying to contact unemployment since the Monday after Thanksgiving when he was let go from his job. He has not received any unemployment money this entire time. I understand that you probably hear this quite often and it may be difficult to empathize with, but we have two little girls that we need to provide for. I have included my husband on this email. Please provide us with a direct line where we can speak to a representative to clear this situation up or reach out to him directly to provide guidance. I appreciate your time and understanding.

We have connected the family with the Department of Labor and Industry and they are in the process of expediting their unemployment benefits. They spent weeks unable to get through on the phone to DLI.

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