30 Great Philly Nonprofits to Give to This Year – PUP is in the list!

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Philadelphia Magazine – December Issue

30 Great Philly Nonprofits to Give to This Year

The pandemic reinforced just how powerful the simple act of giving can be. These are a few of our favorite causes.

by LYNETTE TOLBERT HAZELTON·  11/27/2021, 9:00 p.m.

Economic justice

Philadelphia Unemployment Project

What It Does – Stands up for the unemployed and the poor
Budget – $1.1M
Founded – 1975

The Philadelphia Unemployment Project is proof that there’s still political power in citizen participation. Fighting on behalf of the poor, low-wage workers and the unemployed since 1975, PUP is determ

ined to bring economic justice to those who have suffered the most, especially with housing, health and labor issues. PUP is also a frontline service provider, helping low-income people with unemployment compensation, foreclosures, utility payments and SNAP benefits. PUP lives by the notion that you can fight City Hall, but not alone. Get involved: philaup.org.


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