December 2018 PUP Update

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Providing Reverse Commute Options to inner-city workers

PUP has continued to operate our reverse commute program, Commuter Options.  We currently are transporting 50 inner-city workers to suburban jobs.  Recently, we have been able to provide a van and employment to several women living in a shelter for domestic violence survivors.  Over 50% of inner-city Philadelphians do not have cars, which isolates them form better paying suburban jobs.

Workers going to a food packaging plant in South Jersey

Organizing to Oppose Budget Cuts in Suburban Philadelphia

We did a great deal of organizing in suburban Philadelphia to protect the Safety Net for poor and working people.  We helped win all votes for suburban Republicans to protect the ACA and won support for the Food Stamp program as well.  We did not prevent votes for the massive tax cut/scam, but we have seen great turnover in suburban Congressional seats, providing for a more diverse Pennsylvania Congressional delegation.

Protesting cuts in Safety Net programs in Doylestown, Bucks County

Fighting foreclosure and protecting people’s homes

 We continue to work to prevent foreclosure in Philadelphia.  Our housing counselors do an excellent job in helping homeowners protect their homes and we have organized the Save Our Homes Coalition of housing advocates, housing counselors, Legal Services attorneys and homeowners, which is working to make changes in policies that can cost people their homes.

Homeowner speaking with Brian Hudson, head of the PA Housing Finance Agency about being denied help from foreclosure due to a water lien on her home at a meeting organized by the Save Our Homes Coalition.

Computer Lab with printers, fax and phone services for the unemployed

We continue to offer unemployed Philadelphians a place to do a work search with a well-equipped computer lab.  We offer help with computer usage, phones, printer, fax machines, job leads and free coffee for our folks.

Basic computer training for the unemployed

Donate to support PUP

We are happy to be able to provide important services and be a center to organize for justice for low income and unemployed people.  We need your support to continue our mission.  Please consider making a donation to PUP at this Holiday season.

Just type or click on this link,  if you would like to help.  We all hope you have a fine Holiday and a great New Years.

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