Unemployment Comp Breakdown of the Week – March 7, 2023

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Marilyn called PUP March 7 from Lancaster, PA.  She is of Haitian descent  and English is her second language. Her last day of work was December 29, 2022, when she was told there was no more work for her by the temp agency by whom she was employed. She waited until January 10, 2023 to be sure they had no more work and then tried to apply for UC. 

She called DLI numerous times and only got busy signals or phones that rang and were never answered.  She went to the local CareerLink several times but no one would help her with her application.  She tried to apply online put is not computer savvy, so she went to friends who were more savvy and they tried but could not get an application filed.  As of March 7, 2023 she still has been unable to file a claim for unemployment.

We have forwarded her situation to DLI and hope that this will get her an application, but she has already gone two months with no income, and not even a claim for benefits.

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