Housing Advocates Organize to Secure Help for Pennsylvania’s Struggling Homeowners

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Over 60 advocates from around PA came together on February 19 to fight to protect families from foreclosure.

Pennsylvania is facing a likely housing crisis this year. With homeowners across Pennsylvania struggling to pay their mortgages, the federal government has taken much-needed steps to provide breathing room during the pandemic. However, once the protections in place expire, many homeowners may face foreclosure as they time out of forbearances and foreclosure moratoriums end. This is especially true for the 1/3rd of homeowners in mortgages that aren’t backed by the government, for which there are far fewer protections in place.

This is why PA Save Our Homes, a statewide coalition of housing, labor, religious, economic justice, and other organizations, is working to get adequate funding for the HEMAP program, as well as press for federal aid. HEMAP has saved over 50,000 homeowners from foreclosure by providing low-interest loans to get them back on track with their mortgages. Recently, about 60 members of the coalition met to discuss their ongoing work to get the state legislature to fund the program, which hasn’t received a state appropriation since 2012 and only has enough money remaining to provide assistance for 700-800 homeowners.

It’s time for the legislature to act. Fund HEMAP! Stop foreclosures!

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