New Low-Cost Health Care should be available in the Lower Northeast – Join the zoom meeting with City Health Commissioner December 19th, 7 PM

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Zoom meeting with City Health Commissioner-
Tuesday, December 19th, 7 PM
Click here to join the zoom meeting

The City of Philadelphia has provided funding for two new City Health Centers to provide free and low-cost health care to residents of Philadelphia. They will be located in Frankford and the Lower Northeast.  They will provide care for over 46,000 patients a year at the two sites.

Philadelphia’s City Health Centers offer very low-cost health care to all residents of the city but are overcrowded.

There is opposition to these Health Centers, despite the critical need for more capacity for the Health Centers.

We need to show officials that residents support new Health Centers.

The Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) is holding a zoom meeting on Tuesday, December 19th at 7 PM to inform local residents about the health centers. Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole will participate in the meeting to give us the latest news on this project.Click here to join the zoom meeting

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