We need your help- Contact Councilperson Lozada for expanding Health Centers

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Two new city Health Centers are budgeted to be built in the lower Northeast, but some NIMBY (Not in my backyard) opposition is creating an issue.  Currently there is only one Health Center in the entire Northeast with wait times for appointments being as long as a year for adults and 5 months for children. 

We are asking for help for creation of the new Health Centers by asking people to contact Councilperson Quetzy Lozada and asking her to support the Health Centers which will be in her district.  Her number is (215) 686-3448.  

At least 30% of the unemployed become uninsured and these low cost health centers are an important safety net for the uninsured, immigrants and low wage workers.

We can provide interested people with post cards to the Councilperson and have a flyer (English and Spanish) and Inquirer article with more information (below you can download them).  Please make the call to help protect uninsured Philadelphians.

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