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Last week a claimant contacted PUP through our online Help form and indicated that he had been trying to apply for unemployment for eight days with no luck.  He needed to update his phone number and address to apply, but it was impossible to do that with the state’s computer system.

He called the Department of Labor and Industry non-stop for 8 days to get someone to help him get by the computer glitch, but the phone was busy constantly.   He even called Governor Shapiro’s listed phone and was on hold for over two hours and then kicked off the call.

He finally found PUP’s number and called us. We asked him to fill out the Help form and we forwarded his problem to Harrisburg.

He was lucky to find PUP, but most people do not know about our Help form. In our tracking of problems, we have found that 109 people have had this identical problem the past year, which means that they cannot apply or move forward without speaking to someone at DLI.   People often spend weeks trying to get through to the unemployment service. 

Computer glitches have kept thousands from getting the benefits to which they are entitled.  Why hasn’t this glitch been fixed!?

Contact your state legislator to ask them to press for a fair unemployment system in PA!

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