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UC claimant became unemployed in July 2022. She completed her initial filing for unemployment and did 9 weeks of certification, but got no benefits. Each week the system stated “In progress.” She has a disabled daughter that she cares for. They ran out of food and they had to reach out to relatives for food and to keep the utilities on. She constantly called unemployment but got an endless busy signal and emailed them but no one answered.

She found work after filing for 9 weeks, but still has not gotten her benefits. Finally she came to PUP and filled out our help form. We got Labor and Industry to contact her to review her claim. She should get her benefits soon.

NO MONEY AND NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT. This has been a standard procedure for the Department of Labor and Industry.

PUP has worked with over 3,100 unemployed workers looking for help in getting their unemployment benefits in the past year.

John Dodds


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